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  1. Graham
    Graham at | | Reply

    Hello, I work as a mechanic at a Chrysler dealership and I just had a Ram 3500 with a BDS suspension lift with the BDS front radius arms. I would like to mention that the design of the arms makes it pretty much impossible to safely lift the vehicle on a hoist. The factory arms have a flat metal pad welded to the bottom of the radius arms to place the arms of the hoist under. Your factory arms have no such pads and are round tube construction. Any attempts to lift the vehicle by placing the hoist arms under your radius arms results in the truck sliding off the arms as soon as any weight is applied when lifting. Thankfully this happened when the vehicle was still on the ground and not up in the air. I do not believe the vehicle can be lifted safely by placing the hoist arms just behind the radius arm frame mounts, it just places it too far back. For safety your arms should have similar pads welded to them like the factory arms to allow safe vehicle lifting on a hoist.

    1. Sal
      Sal at | | Reply

      Those flat spots are not for lifting the vehicle.

  2. Darrin
    Darrin at | | Reply

    will these arms work with a 2017 2500 and 2in leveling kit? i am looking to find something that position the front tires back to the middle of the wheel well to reduce trimming needed.

    1. Manuel
      Manuel at | | Reply

      I have a 2018 Ram 2500. I want to install a 2″ leveling kit. So, would I have to upgrade the factory arms in order to have that done correctly?

  3. Nicolás
    Nicolás at | | Reply

    ? tengo una 2500 Ram 2013 y compre un kit de elevación 6” con radius arm ,el problema es que esta Ram no tiene la base (drops o brackets) para estos radius arm.
    La pregunta,viene algo para poder modificar.

  4. Kevin Liewer
    Kevin Liewer at | | Reply

    I have a 2016 2500. I have run out of + caster adjustment with my stock radius arms because EMF ball joints recommends 4.5 degrees + caster. Will these radius arms allow for more caster adjustment past the stock arms? Truck has 2 inch level with 35inch tires. Thank you.

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