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  1. Wayne Hornke
    Wayne Hornke at | | Reply

    I’m looking for a 4 inch suspension lift kit for my 2016 4×4 tocoma

  2. John Cabrera
    John Cabrera at | | Reply

    what particular components are different because I’m getting a little itchy and want to lift my truck asap..I heard that the difference was just some of the bolt sizes in the lower control arms. Is that correct? Is there any target date for the revised kit to be available?

  3. mark
    mark at | | Reply

    2016 toyota tacoma 4×4 limited waiting for 6inch lift kit when will i be able to obtain one? 954 270-3233

  4. Jonathan
    Jonathan at | | Reply

    Do you have a 2.5″ kit that will work on the 2016 Tacoma

  5. Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox at | | Reply

    I’ve very interested in your 4 inch kit, however, I would very much like to use coilovers. To your knowledge are there any “other” companies out there that I could incorporate “their” coilover into your 4 inch kit? Thanks.

  6. Ben Cearley
    Ben Cearley at | | Reply

    I have a 2014 Tacoma and I’m wanting to squat the back end a little bit. Do ya’ll carry a kit to squat the truck or can i buy separate front and rear suspension lifts?

  7. Brody
    Brody at | | Reply

    Same story here I want a 6 inch lift for my Tacoma .I see Pro comp has one on 4 wheel parts website they are using part number EXPK5073B but it says 05-16 Tacoma so I am not sure yet. Are you close not the route I want to go, but whoever gets it first has my money..

  8. Beau hunter
    Beau hunter at | | Reply

    Any word on when the 6 inch coil over lift kit will be available for the 2016 toyota tacoma? Thinking of buying one soon and want to lift it if did, thank you.

  9. Adam Rohr
    Adam Rohr at | | Reply

    Yes. Please. Need. 2016. 6″C/O kit. ASAP.

  10. Ian
    Ian at | | Reply

    Any update fir the 2016? Also will a 5100 bilstein for a 2015 fit the 2015?

  11. AJB
    AJB at | | Reply

    2016 Tacoma TRD Off-road waiting for the new lift. Any news on the release date yet?

  12. David
    David at | | Reply

    Any word on the 2016, 6 inch coilover? I’m dying waiting. I’ve had the 4K saved since last year.

    Can I get on a waiting list?

  13. Richard DePietro
    Richard DePietro at | | Reply

    r the 2016 4in suspension BDS available yet.

    1. Richard DePietro
      Richard DePietro at | | Reply

      just ordered mine/install next friday

      1. Richard DePietro
        Richard DePietro at | | Reply

        came out great/little quirk here and there but totally satisfied/went with nitto 305/60 R /18 all worked well

  14. SAM
    SAM at | | Reply

    The wait is killing me… So excited

  15. Dsn
    Dsn at | | Reply

    I have a 2015 taco with 6″ bds lift. Will the bilstein 5100 and the eibach coils fit this application? I’m trying to regain some of the lift I lost when I added an aftermarket front bumper ( 180lbs)

  16. Nicholas
    Nicholas at | | Reply

    I have a ’09 Tacoma, with a 6″ Rough Country suspension lift kit. Will the 6″ coil over still work to replace the rough country?

  17. Cody
    Cody at | | Reply

    Does BDS make anything bigger than 6″ lift for 2017 Tacoma.

  18. Charles
    Charles at | | Reply

    I’m having trouble deciding whether to put a 4” or 6” lift on my 2010 Tacoma, what is the lift size in your product video?

  19. William
    William at | | Reply

    I have a 2014 Tacoma (xsp-x) double cab with a leveling kit. I have been hunting around for a 6” lift. The only problem is that my truck is two wheel drive. Do you guys offer a 6” lift for this? If so I would love to purchase one.

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