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November 30, 2015

PR.225: 8″ 4-Link Lift Kits




8″ 4-Link Lift System


2014-2016 RAM 2500 4WD Diesel



Available Kit Accessories

#98223754 – FOX 2.0 Front Gas Shock (2 Req’d)

#98224763 – FOX 2.0 Rear Gas Shock (2 Req’d)

#122615– Front Dual Shock Hoop

  #55761 – Dual 5500-Series Shocks (4 Req’d)

  #98224761 – Dual FOX 2.0 Shocks (4 Req’d)

#122823 – 8-Bolt T-Case Indexing Ring

#55427 – Single 5500-Series Stabilizer

#95427 – Single 9500-Series Stabilizer

#98224018 – Single FOX 2.0 Stabilizer

#122814 – Swaybar Disconnect Upgrade Kit

#55370 – Dual Steering Stabilizer Mount

  #55422 – Dual 5500-Series Stabilizer (2 Req’d)

  #95422 – Dual 9500-Series Stabilizer (2 Req’d)

  #98224016 – Dual FOX 2.0 Stabilizer (2 Req’d)

#122314 – Front HD Adjustable Track Bar

#122405 – Carrier Bearing Drop Kit

#122007 – Rear Driveshaft Spacer Kit


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4" lift kit
8″ 4-Link Lift Kit for RAM 2500
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Kit-A, Kit-B, Kit-C, Kit-D

2015 RAM 2500
2015 RAM 2500
8″ Lift Kit | 38×13.50 Toyo | 20×10 AF
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2015 RAM 2500
2015 RAM 2500
8″ Lift Kit | 40×15.50 Nitto | 20×10 AE
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Truck-D, Truck-E

2015 RAM 2500
2015 RAM 2500 – 8″ Installed Photos
View hi–res truck images: 
Installed-A, Installed-B, Installed-C, Installed-D, Installed-E

BDS 8″ 4-link Systems for 2014-16 RAM 2500 Trucks

After more than a year of development, BDS Suspension is excited to announce the addition of 8″ 4-link suspension systems for the 2014-2016 RAM 2500 4WD diesel trucks adding to its seller lineup of 2″, 3″, 4″, and 5.5-6″ lift systems currently available. This new 8″ system has been meticulously engineered to improve the ride quality, stability and performance of your RAM 2500 with room for up to 40” tires. Up front the system utilizes the 4-link conversion and dual rate coil springs similar to the widely popular RAM 3500 8″ kits. In the back, the engineers developed a rear spring outboard kit with new coils to improve the trucks stability and ride quality.

As with all BDS kits, this new 8″ 4-link system is backed by Factory Protection Plus (FPP) giving you the piece of mind to use it and abuse it wherever your next adventure may be. FPP combines BDS’s No Fine Print Lifetime Warranty and a 5-year 100,000-mile drivetrain warranty.

For more information on the kit see below, head online to BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.


Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

8″ RAM 2500 4-Link Lift Kits: BDS Suspension adds to its industry leading lineup for the late model RAM 2500 4WD trucks with 8″ 4-link systems. This new 8″ 4-link system offers premium on-road comfort and superior offroad capability for the best all around performance out of your new 3/4-ton RAM trucks. The system converts the factory radius arm suspension to BDS’s true and true 4-link design for improved stability, wheel travel, and handling across all terrains. The 4-link design limits caster change to less than 1-degree of change throughout wheel travel for better handling, steering control, and overall driveability. The heart of the system are a pair of massive frame-mounted brackets precision welded and engineered to position the new upper and lower control arms for optimal suspension geometry for late model RAM trucks. The 4-link brackets are fabricated from 1/4″ thick steel and wrap around the frame as well as the factory radius arm brackets to create an extremely sturdy mount for the new arms. Removal of the factory radius arm brackets is not required allowing the brackets to stay intact to speed up the installation time. The upper and lower control arms are built from 2″ OD x 3/16″ wall DOM tubing for the strength to take any abuse you can throw at them. They utilize large 2.5″ OD polyurethane bushings to isolate road vibrations and are formed inward to allow for extra tire clearance. These arms are finished in a durable textured black powder coating and use grease fittings for easy servicing.

The additional height comes from a pair of specially designed dual rate ProRide coil springs. These 8″ coils have been engineered and tested to improve the ride quality and performance across all terrains while holding up to the rigors that 3/4-ton truck owners demand without bowing or sagging over time. A heavy duty track bar relocation bracket is supplied to recenter the front axle once lifted and a forged drop pitman arm is used to correct steering angles to keep them in phase for proper handling. New extended sway bar links are included to correct the front sway bar operating angle. These new links are greasable via pre-installed grease fittings and feature a unique poly-flex ball design to provide bind-free operation. Extended front bump stops are included to limit suspension compression and braided stainless steel kevlar-lined extended front brake lines allow full droop of the suspension. Rounding out the front are your choice of specially valved BDS-5500 or FOX 2.0 performance gas shocks for a smooth ride across any terrain.

At 8″ of lift, transmission/transfer case relocation is required to allow front driveshaft functionality. BDS includes a new laser cut transmission crossmember and adjustable transmission mounting plate to increase clearance front driveline clearance. The transfer case is repositioned by way of a supplied indexing ring kit to correct the operating angle and a billet aluminum driveshaft spacer is supplied to allow the use of the factory driveshafts. Indexing rings are available for both 6-bolt and 8-bolt transmission equipped trucks, confirm transmission before ordering.

In the rear careful consideration was taken to design the system for load carrying capacity, handling, and ride quality. The factory coil positioning inside the frame rails is sufficient at smaller heights, but at 8″ of lift needed to be modified to increased stability. The engineers developed an all new outboard coil spring design that relocates the coil spring position outward 8″ on each side (16″ total) using a set of bolt-on mounts. This new position mimics that of a leaf spring on the 3500 models and provides increased stability without compromising ride quality. The new upper and lower coil seats locate off of existing features on the frame and axle, requiring only minor drilling for mounting hardware. The new position allows for a much shorter and more stable coil spring design. This virtually eliminates any chance of coil bowing and ensures the coils react predictably throughout the full range of travel. In addition to the coil springs/mounts, a new track bar relocation system is included to properly set the rear roll-center height and center the axle under the vehicle. The rear track bar relocation includes a new heavy duty adjustable track bar. The track bar uses high-durometer polyurethane bushings at the frame and an adjustable forged COM bearing joint at the axle. Extended rear sway bar links round out the rear suspension components. Rounding out the rear of this kit is your choice of BDS-5500 or FOX 2.0 performance gas shocks.

Get your new RAM 2500 ready for the trail with BDS Suspension. For more info on this new 8″ 4-link suspension system and available accessories, visit BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

Important Kit Notes:
1) Not for use with factory rear airbag suspension.
2) Fits diesel trucks only.
3) Kits come standard with 6-bolt transfer case indexing ring. If equipped with heavy duty Aisin 8-bolt t-case order #122813 in place of #122613.
4) Carrier bearing drop kit required for trucks equipped with 2-piece rear driveshaft, available separately #122405.
5) Some vehicles may require rear driveshaft spacer kit #122007 to maintain adequate rear driveshaft engagement.

Max Tire/Wheel Recommendations:
40×13.50 Tires w/ 17″-18″-20″-22″-24″ (4.5-5.5″ BS) Wheels*
*may require some trimming and depending on wheel width and backspacing may require spacing the front bumper forward and trimming inner fender.

Available Accessories:
BDS has a number of accessories available to fit the new 2014-2016 RAM 2500 trucks to compliment the new 8” 4-Link System. Both single and dual steering stabilizer kit are available to meet your on-road and off-road performance needs. Available with 5500-series (white body), 9500-series (brushed stainless body), and FOX 2.0 (50/50-valved aluminum body) BDS steering stabilizers improve drivability by reducing front end shimmy caused by oversized tires and mount above the tie-rod for extra protection when offroad. The dual stabilizer kits mount end-to-end with an attractive BDS branded center bracket. In addition to steering stabilizers, BDS offers a heavy duty adjustable front track bar to allow you to dial in the front axle lateral positioning. Constructed from 1-3/8? solid steel stock this new adjustable track bar is built to handle on and off-road abuse and uses a 1-3/8?-12 fine threaded pinch bolt design turnbuckle to allow easy tuning to properly recenter the front axle for a range of lift heights. The track bar is formed for proper clearance around critical front end components and features gusseted ends for additional rigidity. The ends utilize high-durometer polyurethane bushings with thick-walled steel sleeves for strength and reliability. Along with the FOX 2.0 IFP shock upgrade, BDS offers front dual shock mounting brackets to improve dampening. The upper hoop ties into the factory coil bucket and frame rail for added rigidity and allows you run a pair of BDS-5500 or FOX 2.0 shocks at each front corner. If you’re looking to improve your RAMs flex out on the trail, BDS offers a sway bar disconnect upgrade kit to convert the front links supplied in the 8” system. Lastly, BDS offers several components to improve the driveline angle and eliminate potential driveline vibrations. In addition to the t-case indexing ring kit and crossmember supplied with the kit, BDS offers carrier bearing drop kit and rear billet aluminum driveshaft spacer. Enhance the performance of your 8” 4-Link System equipped RAM 2500 with accessories from BDS Suspension and FOX.

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