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  1. Roman
    Roman at | | Reply

    good afternoon. I like to ask you to send me copies of certificates, licenses, contracts with companies for the installation of a lift kit, RAM. In Russia, there are problems with the law by installing a lift kit, I want to get permission. I need all the copies of the documents for your products, certificates. Thank you.

  2. Jesse
    Jesse at | | Reply

    Is there anything in the works for the hemi-powered Ram 2500’s?

  3. Nate
    Nate at | | Reply

    Is there an 8″ lift in the works for 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 4×4?

  4. Jeremiah
    Jeremiah at | | Reply

    Carter, I sent an email in to the sales team link that you posted above. I’m looking into what it takes to be sponsored by BDS, I’m currently running a 5″ Rough Country Suspension lift but would really like to get in with the big dogs, however, cost is always an issue. I’ve been working on a 2014 Ram 2500 little at a time with the help of some local companies. Would you have any input or someone I can speak to in regards to this matter?? Marketing Maybe?? If you can send me am email I’d like to communicate with you further. Thanks for any help.

    -Jeremiah Sanders
    Sanders Services Company Inc

  5. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Do you know if the 8″ is to big (IE Illegal) in the great sate of CA? I am picking up a new Ram 2500 Mega Cab and don’t want to worry about being pulled over by the Nazi’s every time I drive this rig. I want the 8″, but may have to go the 6″?

  6. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Thanks Carter, I actually found the exact site today. It looks like I can basically be 31 inched from the ground to the bottom of the frame. You wouldn’t have happen to have measured any of the rams running this kit would you?

  7. Edward Barr
    Edward Barr at | | Reply

    Hello, March of 2015 I bought your 6″ long arm kit for my 2015 Ram 2500. I limited myself to only your products due to my knowledge of BDS quality. By limiting myself to your products I also thus limited myself to a 6″ lift. Now less than a year later you have an 8″ kit out… Are some of the parts the same what do I need to turn my 6″ kit into the 8″ that i would have purchased if it was available? Thanks Ed

  8. Dan
    Dan at | | Reply

    How about a 6-8″ kit for rear air ride 2500 cummins.
    There are 2 other companies out there who already have a kit that lifts 4.5″-5.5″….I would like a BDS. So please bring something out soon before I go ICON.

  9. Remo Ranocchini
    Remo Ranocchini at | | Reply

    I also have a 2015 RAM 4×4 Crew Cab Cummins 6.7 diesel with OEM rear air suspension. What do you offer in lift kits for this.

  10. Brendon
    Brendon at | | Reply

    Hey Carter, I was wondering if you can tell me what differences there are in the 8″ setup to allow for different size tires. The black truck pictured above has 38×13.50″ Toyo Tires and the Silver truck has 40×15.50″ tires. Obviously the back spacing has something to do with it, I was just curious if you had a simple guideline I should follow as I’m going to order this lift for my 2015 Ram 2500 Mega Cab. I do a lot of towing in the 10,000lbs range and don’t want to over do it. I’m a huge BDS fan, I had your 8″ kit on my 2011 3500 Mega cab that was on 40×15.50 Toyos. I used the 8″ lift with your 2″ coil spacers but had to do extensive trimming. I’m currently running your 6″ kit on my 2014 Ram 3500 crew cab and have it on 37×12.50″ Nitto’s. Thank you in advance, I look forward to getting this kit on my truck!

  11. Kobi
    Kobi at | | Reply

    Does this still fit 2011 model 2500?

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