BDS Suspension adds to its extensive lineup of lifts and accessories for the '14 Chevy/GMC 1500 trucks and SUVs with upgraded NX2-series gas struts standard in the base 6" IFS Systems. These NX2-struts offer improved performance on and offroad with multi-stage valving designed to react to changes in terrain. Finished in a durable gloss silver, these full length NX2 struts are designed for use with the factory springs and provided top mounting plate to work with the rest of the BDS systems for 6" of lift with no need to add strut spacers. These struts are now standard equipment in 6" High Clearance IFS Systems for the 2014-18 GM1500 Trucks and 2015-18 GM1500 SUVs.

Product Description

6" IFS Systems w/ NX2 Struts

Product Info

#710H / 710FS - 6" IFS System w/Block (Cast Steel) - 14-18 GM1500 Truck 4WD
#711H / 711FS - 6" IFS System w/Block (Stamped/Alum) - 14-18 GM1500 Truck 4WD
#717H / 717FS - 6" IFS System w/Spring (Cast Steel) - 14-18 GM1500 Truck 4WD
#718H / 718FS - 6" IFS System w/Spring (Stamped/Alum) - 14-18 GM1500 Truck 4WD
#731H / 731FS - 6" IFS System (Cast Steel) - 15-18 GM1500 SUV 4WD
#732H / 732FS - 6" IFS System (Stamped/Alum) - 15-18 GM1500 SUV 4WD
#736H - 6" IFS System (Stamped/Alum) - 15-18 GM1500 SUV 4WD w/ AutoRide
#737H - 6" IFS System (Cast Steel) - 15-18 GM1500 SUV 4WD w/ AutoRide

Vehicle Fitment

2014-2018 Chevy Silverado 1500
2014-2018 GMC Sierra 1500
2014-2018 Chevy Tahoe/Suburban*
2014-2018 GMC Yukon/Yukon XL*
 * with & without AutoRide


  • High Clearance design maximizes ground clearance.
  • Robust steering knuckles maintain ESC compliance.
  • Specially tuned NX2 front gas struts for improved performance.
  • Front and differential kid plates offer improved protection.
  • Multi-piece differential relocation brackets.
  • Factory Protection Plus included.
  • Allows clearance for up to 35” tires.

Available Accessories

#121151 - Performance UCA Kit - w/ OE Cast Steel Arms
#121152 - Performance UCA Kit - w/ OE Stamped Steel or Aluminum Arms

Rec'd Max Wheel/Tire Specs

33" x 12.50" w/17 x 8 and 4.5" back spacing
34" x 12.50" w/18 x 9 and 5" back spacing
35" x 12.50" w/20 x 9 and 5.75" back spacing
*Trimming may be required*

Install Time/Difficulty

8 Hours / 4 of 5

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

***Check the BDS website to verify details prior to ordering to ensure information is up-to-date with current manufacturer listings***

NX2 Struts #98166
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#710H (GM Truck)
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#717H (GM Truck)
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#731H (GM SUV)
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#737H (GM SUV w/ AR)
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Following the announcement earlier this week to launch the BDS NX² Nitro Series Premium Shock Absorbers, BDS Suspension will now be including these new gas charged 8500-series shocks as standard equipment in all (non-FOX coilover system) BDS lift kits starting today. These shocks are a noticeable upgrade to the 5500-series hydraulic shocks previously offered for improved performance and a smooth ride. The shocks use a pressurized nitrogen charged twin-tube design with 10-stage velocity sensitive valving for lighting fast adaptive dampening across any terrain. Each shock is specially valved per application and finished in a durable silver paint with polyurethane bushings and sleeves included. With the transition to the 8500-series gas shocks as standard equipment, the white bodied 5500-series hydraulic shocks will continue to be offered as an option for all BDS lift kits. Inventory will be maintained to offer 5500-series, NX² -series and FOX 2.0 -series shocks for all current applications. In addition to the NX² shock absorbers, BDS is also offering NX² steering stabilizers available for most applications.

The transition to the new 8500-series NX² shocks will include a slight increase in kit cost, $2.00 per shock at the retail level. Kit prices are reflective of this change when placing orders online through as well as with orders placed over the phone with the BDS sales team. We will have an updated eCatalog available with revised kit listings and pricing available in the coming days. The new shock part numbering system will follow in line with current 5500-series and FOX 2.0 numbers where the first digits correspond to the series (85) and last 3 digits correspond to the shock spec (i.e. 965). All 5500-series numbers can be updated by replacing the 55965 to 85965.

For more on the NX² shocks head to the official NX² new product announcement.

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BDS Suspension has long been a premium name in the aftermarket suspension industry manufacturing high quality lift kits and accessories for trucks, SUVs and Jeep vehicles. A few years back BDS introduced a line of FOX 2.0 IFP performance gas shocks as the premiere shock option adding to the lineup of 5500-series hydraulic shocks that came standard in all kits. Together these two shock lines offered customers the freedom to choose between the standard white bodied 5500-series hydraulic or upgrade to the gas charged monotube FOX 2.0-series for improved performance and control whether on-road or off the beaten path. Over the years, however, there has been a need for an affordable gas charged shock able to outperform the 5500-series at a price point below the premium FOX 2.0. Well that day is here, BDS is excited to introduce the new line of NX² Nitro Series Premium Shock Absorbers for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge/RAM, Toyota, and Jeep applications. Designed for improved performance these new shocks use vehicle specific valving for better control and dampening capabilities on lifted vehicles. Stepping up from the 5500-series, the NX² improves shock performance and come finished in a new metallic silver finish.

These NX² shocks give high-end performance at an affordable price. They use a pressurized nitrogen charged twin-tube design with 10-stage velocity sensitive valving for lightning fast dampening adaptive to whatever terrain you find yourself traversing on or off-road. The 2" bodied shocks use a large 1-3/8" fluon banded piston, self lubricating seals and a 14mm hardened chrome shaft to help resist rock chips and corrosion. The ends are dual welded for increased strength. Polyurethane bushings and metal sleeves are included to make swapping over your shocks a breeze. These shocks are offered in various stem and eyelet bushing configurations for custom applications and available to work with all current BDS lift kits. The exterior of the shocks are finished in a durable metallic silver paint with NX² branded decals. The NX² shocks will accept standard shock boots, which are available separately. Upgrade your vehicle's shocks with the NX² Nitro Series from BDS Suspension.

For more information on NX² Shocks, and for more on how these shocks will be standard in all BDS lift kits head to New Product Announcement #250: NX² Shocks in all BDS Lift Kits

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