If ever an eclectic group of 4wheelers was assembled, the Ultimate Adventure (UA) would be it. Racers, rock bouncers, shop owners, and a pair of Canadians were among those chosen to take on this year’s 1500-mile, 8-day, 4-state 4wheeling fest in the Dirty South.

The annual trip gathers roughly 25 rigs for a weeklong 4wheeling road trip around some corner of the country. No trailers allowed on the UA, everyone must carry their own food, spare parts, camping gear, etc

Orchestrated by Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s editor-in-chief Rick Pewe, a diverse group of rigs and personalities is assembled ultimately bringing together 6 readers, 12 sponsors, magazine staffers and a film crew for a weeklong off road adventure. Some might say its like herding cats, but the ultimate adventure is just that, each day riddled with wheeling, wrenching, and driving and camping.  This year was particularly challenging as we took on the heat and the “wet” terrain for of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

We made the trip out this year in our freshly built and at time temperamental 2005  Jeep Liberty CRD dubbed Project KJ. After a mad dash to the start point, the KJ broken in the right way, getting bashed on rocks, submerged in swamps, and barreling down the highway from location to location. The trip is growling to say the least, from long road days to challenging trails, break downs were common on this year’s trip. From broken axles, blown engine, transmissions, and driveshafts to roll overs, over heating, and plenty of body damage. We had our fair share of breakdowns along the way which included some faulty factory electrical, broken driveline, ring gear bolt that walked its way out and punch a hole in the diff cover and ripped open the ARB air line, electric fan that crapped out, and ultimate a fried ECU that took us out on the last day of the event. Despite the challenges we had a blast on the trip. The Ultimate Adventure is an event we look forward to doing again soon, heck, maybe next year.

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