BDS Project KJ update… it’s crunch time in the shop

With less than a week till the start of this year’s Ultimate Adventure the shop a bit chaotic right now, not to mention the fact that the vehicle still sits in 1000 pieces strewn across the R&D shop floor. A make-shift paint booth has been set up in the back corner as the the new BDS body/paint guy preps lays down the Anvil Gray paint on the doors and hood right now, followed by the fenders and body tonight/tomorrow. Wiring is getting buttoned up and drivetrain is being prepped to be reinstalled. The axles are pulled aside and the new Nitro shafts are assembled and installed, the PSC ram is being mounted, and heavy duty steering linkage is being fabbed up, and the axles trusses are being finish welded.  Radiator/intercoolers have been plumbed into the CRD and a custom intake was fabbed up to run from the factory turbo up into the front cowl. Check out the photos for more on the build and stay tuned as we hit the home stretch to have this KJ prepped to hit the road Friday for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure.
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It’s been a busy week in the BDS R&D Shop as the guys prep Project KJ for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure. The project white board is looming over the guys with a daunting task list and only 10 work days to complete. From body work to engine prep the team is working on all areas of the build. The plasma table was been getting a workout with plenty of parts getting cut out over the last coulpe weeks. A custom aluminum fuel cell was designed in Solidworks and cut out to snuggly fit the contours of our recessed cargo area. We went this route over the conventional cell to allow us to maximize the space available and still allow us room for the dual Optima batteries, air compressors and full size 40” spare while allowing us to reuse the factory tank’s internals to ease plumbing the system. The body work is still on schedule and is being prepped for a fresh coat of paint next week. To help us focus on the KJ body, electrical, and plumbing projects, we decided to pull the axles and drop them off at All Pro Off-Road to help us out with the gear/locker install. You may recall from an earlier update the JK Rubicon Dana 44s we were sleeved, trussed, and gusseted to accept the BDS 4-link suspension linkage, Fox 2.5 remote coilovers, and Fox 2.0 bumps. Internal upgrades for the axles include 5.13 Nitro Gear ring & pinions, air-Ox Locker front with 30-spline Nitro Gear chromoly shafts, and an ARB air locker rear with 35-spline Nitro Gear chromoly shafts. We’ll have the axles back next week for final install along with custom driveshafts from our friends at Drivelines Plus to turn this KJ back into a rolling chassis.
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IMG_5300Project KJ Update: Lots of progress for the day, the rear window chop is getting capped off as well as the tailgate.  Pac Racing coils are installed on the Fox 2.5 remote coilovers and will be going back into the Liberty soon. Our fabbed motor mounts are being modified to allow the 4-link to fully compress. The roof has been cut to accept the sliding rag top. While up there, the remaining “ribbed” roof panels were cut off and a patch panel was installed. Body/Fender modifications continue as we mock up the fenders to accept our 40” Maxxis tires on 17” B.A.D. beadlocks at full stuff. Stay tuned fore more as we prep for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure that begins 6/29/13.
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IMG_5302Project KJ Update: The Fab Life

It’s been a couple days since we updated you on Project KJ, our ’05 Liberty CRD for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure (UA) hosted by 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. This week the guys running full steam to getting this Jeep prepped, with tons of fab work still needing to take place and off the shelf parts arriving daily. This week the suspension and steering work continued, t-case was installed, radiator and intercooler arrived and mocked into location, and body work began to cap off the rear window chop. Only 12 days remain until this Jeep needs to hit the road for the secret start point of UA and the guys are starting to feel the pressure.

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BDS Project KJ: Parts/Progress on the Daily

There was plenty of commotion around the BDS R&D Shop when I stopped by Friday late afternoon. Seems the approaching deadline to have the KJ prepped in time for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure has brought the team together as they work to complete suspension, drivetrain, cage, body mods, fuel cell and more. I mentioned in the last post parts have been arriving on the daily are are prepped for install. There’s still a number of areas that require fabrication and finish welding. Suspension linkage is nearly completed and uses a 4-link front and triangulated 4-link rear. 14” stroke Fox 2.5 remote coilovers arrived and are awaiting a set of Pac Racing springs to be installed (will have more on the coil specs when they arrive). Fox 2.0 bump stops will be installed soon to help keep our soon to arrive 40” Nitto Trail Grapplers off of the fenders. Up front our PSC JK steering box has been mounted to a reinforced front “framerail” and accepts the OE steering shaft linkage. The “framerail” is being notched to allow the track bar clearance at full compression.
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