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  1. Eric Dorn
    Eric Dorn at | | Reply

    Hey guys just did this to my truck and LOVE IT! With the 22×12 et-44 I did have to space bumper 1″ and trim rear inner clip a bit no big deal. LOVE the kit, bit stiff (I have the Fox 2.0) ride but great lift my only question is steeering. The wheel “wanders” a bit and feels like bump steer almost. Is the single Fox steering kit just not enough? Would a dual kit help? It’s not bad trust me but towing my 36′ race trailer thru Shasta and such I just want a bit less feedback. Any insight is appreciated. Great 4link kit guys ????

  2. Josh
    Josh at | | Reply

    Hello – just had a 4″ kit installed at a local shop here in Austin Texas and look outstanding. Did go with the dual Fox Stabilizer kit but have a wandering wheel and pull to the right. My shop is telling me there is no fix. I doubt that with a 2017 and 10 miles on it. Please advise.

  3. Jason
    Jason at | | Reply

    I’m guessing everyone that’s complaining about steering issues has adaptive steering?
    I to have the same issue after a BDS 4″ on my 2017 F250. Steering stabilizers will not fix it. I’m still working on a fix. After calibration of the adaptive steering and returning the truck to factory control arms and a fox ats and duel steering stabilizers I have the truck bearable to drive. Still not perfect. If planning on lifting a 2017, I recommend no getting the adaptive steering option.

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