Anyone who is a fan in recent years of motorsports will know the name Drive Line Magazine. They’ve taken a fresh approach to covering the automotive scene with editorial, tech, and event coverage spanning across multiple media platforms from digital, social, video and print. Recently they ran an install and review that dug into the tech behind the BDS 2-3″ Coilover Conversion System for the 2011-2019 Chevy/GMC 2500HD trucks.

The owner of the vehicle in the video did not particularly like the nose-down rake that the truck comes with. A basic leveling kit was not satisfying their desire for a smooth ride while being level. This is when they looked to BDS Suspension.

BDS Suspension offers a 2-3″ Coilover Conversion system that does just what this owner was looking for. In order to get the result that the owner wanted, the torsion bar suspension had to be removed and replaced with the 2-3″ Coilover Conversion. This Coilover Conversion used FOX factory series 2.5 coilvoers with remote DSC (dual speed compression) adjustment to offer adjustable damping for the best possible ride quality on and off-road. In order to keep the truck as level as possible, the owner decided to keep the springs the way they are from the factory and switched over to the FOX 2.0 Series shocks.Ā  The video walks through the set up and proves why going with the coilover is a significant upgrade over the torsion bar setup.

For more information on the 2-3″ Coilover Conversion kit visit:

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