Anyone who is a fan in recent years of motorsports will know the name Drive Line Magazine. They’ve taken a fresh approach to covering the automotive scene with editorial, tech, and event coverage spanning across multiple media platforms from digital, social, video and print. Recently they ran an install and review that dug into the tech behind the BDS 2-3″ Coilover Conversion System for the 2011-2019 Chevy/GMC 2500HD trucks.

The owner of the vehicle in the video did not particularly like the nose-down rake that the truck comes with. A basic leveling kit was not satisfying their desire for a smooth ride while being level. This is when they looked to BDS Suspension.

BDS Suspension offers a 2-3″ Coilover Conversion system that does just what this owner was looking for. In order to get the result that the owner wanted, the torsion bar suspension had to be removed and replaced with the 2-3″ Coilover Conversion. This Coilover Conversion used FOX factory series 2.5 coilvoers with remote DSC (dual speed compression) adjustment to offer adjustable damping for the best possible ride quality on and off-road. In order to keep the truck as level as possible, the owner decided to keep the springs the way they are from the factory and switched over to the FOX 2.0 Series shocks.  The video walks through the set up and proves why going with the coilover is a significant upgrade over the torsion bar setup.

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Earlier this year BDS Suspension released the 2.5" Coilover Conversion System for 2011+ Chevy and GMC HD trucks bringing a new level of performance and comfort to GM truck owners with FOX coilovers. Building on the success of that system, BDS is excited to announce the new 6.5" Coilover Conversion High Clearance System for 2011-2016 GM 2500/3500HD trucks. Engineered to improve your truck's performance over any terrain, these systems eliminate the rough riding factory torsion bars in favor of FOX factory series 2.5 DSC coilovers allowing clearance for 37" tires. These new coilover systems offer premium on road comfort with superior offroad dampening capability and improved suspension travel. As with all BDS products, these new kits are backed by Factory Protection Plus for BDS's No Fine Print Warranty and 5-year, 100,000-mile drivetrain warranty. Take your late model HD to the next level with BDS and FOX.

Product Description

6.5" Coilover Conversion Suspension System

Vehicle Fitment

2011-2016 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500HD*
2011-2016 GMC Sierra 2500/3500HD*
2011-2016 GMC Denali 2500/3500HD*
 *2WD & 4WD, Diesel Only

6.5'' C/O System Features

FOX 2.5 Remote DSC Coilovers
BDS Performance UCAs Improve Travel
BDS Fully Boxed and Gusseted LCAs
Multipoint Diff Relocation System
BDS Front Skid and Diff Skid Plate
Next Level Performance On & Offroad
Allows fitment of up to 37" Tires


$6239.76 (727FDSC/728FDSC)
$6144.79 (729FDSC/730FDSC)

Kit ID Number(s)

#727FDSC (5" rear w/o overload)
#728FDSC (5" rear w/ overload)
#729FDSC (3" rear w/o overload)
#730FDSC (3" rear w/ overload)

Rec'd Max Wheel/Tire Specs

37x12.50 Tires/17x8 Wheels (4.5-4.625" BSing)
37x12.50 Tires/18x9 Wheels (4.5-4.625" BSing)
37x12.50 Tires/20x9 Wheels (4.5-6" BSing)

Available Accessories

#121408/123409 - RECOIL Traction Bar Kit
#55379/85430 - NX2 Steering Stabilizer (2016)
#85425 - NX2 Steering Stabilizer (2011-2016)
#121612 - Carrier Bearing Drop
#129600 - C/O Adjustment Spanner Wrench

Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

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(517) 279-2135 | |

BDS Suspension expanded its FOX coilover lineup with 6.5" coilover conversion high clearance systems for the 2011-2016 Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra/Denali HD trucks giving a new level of performance and comfort to truck owners. This new systems joins the existing 2.5" coilover conversion allowing HD owners the ability to eliminate the rough riding traditional torsion bar suspension in favor of FOX 2.5 factory series remote DSC coilovers. This system builds on the tried and true BDS high clearance IFS systems now integrating the coilover conversion for improved performance over any terrain. These new coilover systems have been engineered and tested for improved comfort, fade free performance, and increased suspension travel.

The new 6.5" coilover system is a game changer for HD performance. At the heart of the system is a pair of FOX 2.5 Factory Series Coilover with remote DSC reservoir. These coilovers offer vastly superior dampening for impressive capability to soak up the harshest terrains offroad while offering comfort on your daily commute. These FOX coilovers feature a smooth bore and honed seamless alloy body, 7/8" hardened stainless steel shaft, FOX coil springs, black anodized machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum mounts and FOX’s DSC (dual speed compression) adjustment technology. The DSC adjustment allows for easy adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension compression dampening to dial in the ideal ride performance to soak up the bumps, both large and small. The DSC has 12 adjustment points for the high speed compression as well as 10 adjustment points for the low speed compression allowing you to make large or small changes to further improve your performance. Adjustments can be made by simply twisting the "blue" high speed and "gold" low speed compression knobs located on the end of the remote reservoir of the FOX 2.5 coilovers. No tools or shop adjustments needed, allowing you to tune the suspension out on the trail. The coilovers come fully assembled, preset for 6.5" of lift for optimal wheel travel. To mount the coilovers BDS supplies a bolt-on bracket that installs on the frame in the shock mount location. A weld-in support gusset is used to reinforce the upper mount, however still allows the kit to be completely reversible if the owner ever chooses to revert back to the torsion bar style suspension and upgrade the suspension on another truck.

In addition to replacing the factory torsion bars, the upper and lower control arms are upgraded to improved strength, travel, and accommodate the new coilovers. The uppers are new performance series upper control arms designed specifically for this system to integrate with the 2.5 coilovers. The arms are fabricated from large 1.5" OD x .120-wall tubing, fully TIG welded for the highest quality, strength and durability. The arms utilize premium Moog brand ball joints and factory style rubber bushings for smooth, quiet operation and superior durability when compared to arms with uni-balls, poly bushings or heims. The ball joint cups are repositioned for optimal performance allowing a 30% improvement in wheel travel. These upper control arms are finished in a durable black powdercoat and include a billet aluminum ball joint dust cap. The control arms come fully assembled for easy install right out of the box. To compliment the uppers, the new lower control arms are built from high strength steel, fully boxed with internally gusseted. These lower arms integrate new reinforced lower coilover mounts and similar to the uppers use durometer specific rubber bushings at the frame mount and high quality Moog ball joints at the knuckle mount for quiet, low maintenance operation.

Along with the coilover conversion, this 6.5" system includes a pair of one-piece laser cut high clearance crossmembers, CNC machined ductile iron steering knuckles to correct tie rod angles, heavy duty front skid plate and differential skid plate to increase protection, multipoint differential relocation brackets to secure differential and correct CV axle angles, longer sway bar links and braided stainless steel extended brake lines. In the rear, BDS offer both a 3" and 5" rear block and u-bolt kit to lift and level the stance. The 5" rear block kit includes a u-bolt flip kit with new spring plate and the preferred round u-bolts for increased strength and ground clearance. To compliment the performance in the front this system includes precision tuned FOX 2.0 IFP gas shocks in the rear. This system allows for up to 37" tires to be installed.

If you're looking to get more out of your 2011+ Chevy Silverado HD or GMC Sierra/Denali HD look to BDS Suspension and the new 6.5" Coilover Conversion System. Head to the BDS website for more info and stop by your local BDS distributor to take your HD to the next level!

Lift Systems

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BDS 6.5" High Clearance Coilover Conversion System
Remote DSC Reservoir (Dual Speed Compression)

Application Images

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BDS 6.5" High Clearance Coilover Conversion System