Hauk Designs has been hard at work on a 6×6 Dodge Truck that they are building for Pitbull Tires to display in their SEMA booth. This vehicle is getting a ’94-’01 RAM 2500 BDS Long Arm kit in the front and Jeep JK rear long arms in the build up.

They have completely tore this thing apart. They took most of the original vehicle off and will not be putting it back on. They kept half the frame and the engine transmission, that’s about it.

Now this is a very cool build, but it did not come so easily. One of the biggest challenges that the crew at Hauk Designs had was figuring out that center axle. The crew tried a few different things from using a two piece drive shaft and double transfer cases, but to be able to drive this thing at highway speeds is not easy. That center axle is a key piece and it has to be done just right for this thing to run properly. Luckily these guys know what their doing. This isn’t the first 6×6 that these guys have done. They built their first one a while back as a request for one of their overseas clients.

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Episode 1:

Episode 2:



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