Catch the The Outdoor Channel tonight (Monday, February 7th) for the newest episode of Off-Road Overhaul airing at 4:30pm, 7pm and 9:30pm (ET) as well as 1:30am on Tuesday (ET). Tonight host Mike Duval will take an ’89 Jeep Wrangler YJ in need of lots of attention and overhaul it with a lift kit, wheels, tires, bumpers, winch, performance mods and more. While in the shop, it will be outfitted with a BDS 4.5” Ultimate Suspension Lift Kit among other accessories before being tested out on an off-road adventure later in the show. Check out the show and give us some feedback on Facebook. For more info and to submit your ride to be overhauled visit

2 Comments on “Off-Road Overhaul continues tonight with a YJ Buildup
  • Rene Rodriguez says:

    Hello there i would like to tell you alittle something about my husband he has a 1999 suburban he thinks it is all done and nice but we ( my 3 kids and my self ) dont think so his truck could be so much more. can you please help me to help him? Thank you!!!

    • BDS Suspension says:

      Thank you for the message Rene, all the projects were planned by the Off-Road Overhaul show on the Outdoor Channel. While I’m not sure if the show is still in production, I know there was an application form on the show’s website to recommend someone for an overhaul.


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