BDS Suspension is excited to announce first to market 4" and 6" lift systems for the 2021 Ford F150. These high clearance IFS systems are based around the tried and true design that BDS has been offering for the 2009+ F150 with specifically catered to the redesigned 2021 Ford F150 platform. Available in standard (strut spacer) IFS systems as well as FOX 2.5 factory series coilover systems, BDS offers next level performance and capability with clearance for up to 37" tires under the new F150. As with all BDS lift kits these new 4" and 6" lift system includes Factory Protection Plus for the ultimate extended warranty. Factory Protection Plus brings together BDS’s legendary No Fine Print Warranty, ESC system compliance and a 5year-60,000mile drivetrain warranty to match your Ford dealers offerings. Take your new F150 to the next level with BDS Suspension and FOX.

Product Description

BDS Lift Systems
2021 Ford F150

Product Information:

2" Kits:
Coming Soon...

4" Lift Systems:
#BDS1583H - 2021 Ford F150 4" Lift System - NX2 Shocks
#BDS1583FS - 2021 Ford F150 4" Lift System - Fox Shocks
#BDS1583F - 2021 Ford F150 4" Lift System, Fox Coilover - Fox Shocks
#BDS1583FDSC - 2021 Ford F150 4" Lift System, Fox DSC Coilover - Fox Shocks

6" Lift Systems:
#BDS1579H - 2021 Ford F150 6" Lift System - NX2 Shocks
#BDS1579FS - 2021 Ford F150 6" Lift System - Fox Shocks
#BDS1579F - 2021 Ford F150 6" Lift System, Fox Coilover - Fox Shocks
#BDS1579FDSC - 2021 Ford F150 6" Lift System, Fox DSC Coilover - Fox Shocks

Vehicle Fitment

2021 Ford F150 4WD

Rec'd Wheel/Tire Specs:

4" Lift Systems:
35x12.50 tires with 20x9 wheels and 5.5" BS
35x12.50 tires with 18x9 wheels and 5" BS

6" Lift Systems:
37x12.50 tires with 20x9 wheels and 5.5" BS
35x12.50 tires with 18x9 wheels and 5" BS

Install Time/Difficulty:

8-10 Hours / 4 of 5

Available Accessories:

Coming Soon...

Kit Pricing:

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  • High clearance crossmembers design maximizes ground clearance while offering additional offroad protection
  • Redesigned steering knuckles specific to the 2021 F150 to maintain ESC system compliance
  • Available with strut spacers or FOX 2.5 factory series R/R coilovers to improve ride quality, performance and offroad capability
  • Multipoint differential relocation brackets to secure front axle and improve CV angles
  • Rear lift is provided via a replacement lift block to level stance, to eliminate need to stack blocks
  • Kits includes Factory Protection Plus (No Fine Print Warranty, ESC System compatibility, 5yr-60k mile drivetrain warranty)
  • Kit allows clearance for 35-37" tires
Factory Protection Plus
  • 5-year, 60,000 mile drivetrain Warranty
  • BDS’s exclusive No Fine Print Warranty

Coldwater, MI: While Ford is gearing up to begin shipping 2021 Ford F150, the team at BDS Suspension took advantage of their early access to the all new F150 (through Ford's Auto Night Event) to swiftly work through the development, testing, manufacturing and ultimately release of new lift kit options. With that BDS Suspension is excited to announce first to market 4" and 6" lift kits for the 2021 Ford F150 designed to improve on-road handling and offroad capability. Available as standard (strut spacer) IFS systems or FOX 2.5 factory series coilover systems, BDS takes the new Ford F150 to the next level with clearance for 35-37" tires. These systems are based around the tried and true high clearance technology that has made BDS the go to for F150 trucks and are designed from the ground up to get the more out of your truck with the most ground clearance on the market.

At the heart of these new lift systems a pair of specially designed 1/4" thick laser cut high clearance crossmembers to maximize clearance and provide a solid mounting point for the OE lower control arms. These paired with the heavy duty front skid plate system create a rigid subframe while adding protection for vital steering and driveline components. In place of the factory steering knuckles a pair of newly designed ductile iron replacement steering knuckles are supplied to accomodate the new OE sway bar mounting location while maintaining proper steering geometry for ESC system compatibility. The front differential is repositioned via multipoint relocation brackets to keep CV angles in check. A billet aluminum front driveshaft spacer is supplied along with longer hardware to allow the reinstallation of the factory driveshafts. A pair of BDS-branded sway bar drop brackets used to correct the operating angle of the factory sway bar as well as created a strong brace between the rear crossmember and the frame. Rounding out the front of this kit are new lower control arm cam bolts to allow alignment and a weld-in frame reinforcement plate for extra strength.

In the rear of these lift systems, the factory block is replaced with either a 3" or 5" lift block and longer u-bolts to lift and level the stance depending on front lift height. Also included, BDS supplies brake line and ABS line brackets allow the use of factory brake lines. Specially tuned NX2 twin-tube gas or FOX 2.0 IFP performance series monotube gas shocks are supplied to round out the rear of these kits. All kits come finished in a durable textured black powdercoat and sent with all hardware packs to complete the install along with step-by-step installation instructions. All BDS kits include Factory Protection Plus for the ultimate extended warranty to include BDS's No Fine Print Warranty, ESC System compliance and a 5year-60,000mile drivetrain warranty to match the dealer. Improve the look and capability of your 2021 Ford F150 with these first to market 4" or 6" lift systems from BDS Suspension.

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22 Comments on “Lift Systems | 2021 Ford F150 | NPR #398
  • Daniel Bass says:

    Hi there wondering about the new f150 2021 suspension system is it different then 2020-2015 years

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Daniel,
      While there is some crossover with the chassis/suspension design from 2015-2020 F150 over to the 2021 models, there are several differences that needed to be addressed for our 2021 lift kits. These trucks use a new steering knuckle and sway bar design along with new upper control arm, differential brackets and a few other minor changes. These kits are on the shelf and ready to go for the 2021 F150 models

  • Jordan Meacham says:

    What are the wheel/tire brands and specs on the 4” lift 2021 F150?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Jordan, two setups on our test F150.

      (black wheels)
      BDS 4″ lift kit, 35×12.50 Nitto Terra Grappler G2 tires on 20×9 Eagle Alloy 050 wheels

      (polished wheels)
      BDS 6″ lift kit, 35×12.50 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires on 20×10 Method 304 wheels

  • Shane Terpstra says:

    Hi, Just waiting on my ‘21 raptor come in, wanted to know if any of the systems on the F150 are affected. Specifically, the CoPilot 360, Trailer Backup Assist, or Park Assist

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Shane,
      At this time we haven’t tested the ’21 Raptor variant. In general there are a number of minor differences that need to be addressed before releasing kits, with the intention being to retain full functionality of all the truck’s built in technology. Once we have kits ready to go we’ll send out a ’21 Raptor specific announcement and add them to our website.

  • Matt says:

    Any word on 2in spacer?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      We don’t plan to offer a basic 2″ (spacer) leveling kit for the 2021 F150s. Similar to the 2009-2020 F150s we will be offering 2″ FOX C/O UCA Kits in the future. Both the coilovers and upper control arms are new for 2021 and in development currently. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements once available.

      If you’re looking for a spacer leveling kit our sister company Zone Offroad offers has them available for the 2021 F150, check it out at F1205.

  • Matt says:

    Do you know the offset used on these wheels?

  • wayne says:

    i just ordered a 2021 f150 platinum power boost engine, 4×4.
    I have several questions for you before deciding which kit to buy.
    First I order wheel well liners front and rear. If I use the 12.50 x 35 tires and rims and the 4″ kit will the tires rub anywhere?
    Can you tell me what tires and rims are on the black truck in your video? I would like to use 18″ rims because I think there is more rubber on the side walls and the truck rides smoother. I don’t want tires that sing bad. I used Goodrich KO2 on my raptor and they were great.
    My next question is what is the difference between regular shocks and coil overs as far as the benefits and ride quality?

    I really want to make sure when I buy tires rims and 4″ lift that everything works good and no rubbing or other problems, especially with Ford and warranty by me changing the front end. I want to make sure I have the proper rim and backspacing. I am not sure if the Power boost engine and front end are the same as the eco boost or 5.0 liter. Since the trucks are all new

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Wayne,
      Thanks for your interest in BDS and congrats on the new truck. You had a number of questions in there so to start off wheel/tire clearance. We list our recommended wheel/tire dimensions with each kit, however true tire sizes vary slightly by manufacturer and to maximize the shape of the factory wheelwell it is common to do minor trimming, especially to help optimize the wheelwell shape with oversized wheels/tires, or if the truck is used offroad (cycling the suspension more than if only used on road) or you plan to install fender flares, etc. Our 4″ kits allow use of 18″ aftermarket wheels, the recommended spec is 35×12.50×18 tires on 18×9 wheels with a 5″ backspacing. The truck with the black wheels is running the 4″ kit, 35×12.50 tires and 20×9 wheels (5.5″ backspacing). BFG KO2 is a great tire so if you had success with them in the past I’d say go for them on this truck.

      Standard (strut spacer) lift kits vs coilover kits. Ultimately the strut spacer will retain the factory ride quality due to the factory strut being reused. While these provide a decent on-road ride, they have their limitations when used for high-speed offroad driving. The FOX coilovers offer improved damper performance, adaptability to various on/off-road terrains and adjustability. If driven 100% on-road you wouldn’t be taking advantage of all the FOX coilover features, mainly just the high-end appearance. If you plan to use the truck offroad, that’s where you’ll see the benefits of the upgrade. Something to keep in mind, we do sell the coilovers separately so its something you could always upgrade later.

      Last topic, warranty. All of our kits include Factory Protection Plus, which provides you with BDS’s No Fine Print Warranty on our parts, FMVSS No.126 (ESC System) compliance testing, and a 5-year 60,000-mile drivetrain warranty to match the Ford warranty in the event you have any issues.

      If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to our sales team or head to your local BDS dealer

  • Matt says:

    What about the 20x9s on the 4” lift.
    Offset makes a big difference but it’s always a detail that’s left out

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Matt,
      agreed on the importance of wheel specs. For a couple reasons we measure based on backspacing (BS) rather than offset. Offset is dependent on the width of the wheel and is more of a car term. Each manufacturer measures offset slightly differently which is why we list recommendations based on backspacing (BS) as it is provides a more critical measurement to ensure the backside of the wheel clears the steering knuckles used more commonly for trucks and is not dependent on the width of the wheel. For the 4″ kits our recommendation is to use a 35×12.50 tire on 20×9 wheels with 5.5″ backspacing (BS) for optimal clearance. That said other 20″ wheels with smaller BS measurements can be used, it will just affect tire clearance to the fenders.

      There are a number of sites that help convert from offset to backspacing, one we like is calculator.

  • Gilbert says:

    Will this kit work for 2WD or only 4WD?

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Gilbert,
      This particular kit is designed for 4WD models only as it includes diff drop brackets/diff skidplate. We haven’t test fit parts on the 2WD models to configure those kits. While it may fit (Ford typically uses the same chassis/suspension design between 2WD/4WD applications), its not one we’ve officially approved for use at this point.

  • rod johnson says:

    hello I am about to purchase a 2021 lariat 4×4 super crew, I was wondering if I could put on a 6 inch lift with some 26×14 inch fuel wheels? also do you make the custom trail arms for the 2021s yet

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Rod,
      Our wheel/tire recommendations are just that, recommendations, based on what we’ve test fit. Other sizes can be used like the 26×14 wheels you mentioned, but you need to understand that will affect tire clearance and likely require additional trimming to allow clearance when turning. At this point the kits and coilovers are available, the skid plate, upper control arms and other accessories are still in development at this point and can be upgraded later.

  • Craig Brown says:


    I am trying to order a few kits to lift trucks for our lot but the company we are buying them from is saying that they are not compatible on trucks with the ccd suspension that comes standard on lariat and higher trims levels? We are in Canada and so these trucks have just arrived and we are not getting very clear answers so any helo would be great. we wants to install the 6″ BDS kit.


    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hi Craig, sorry for any confusion. At this time we are not offering kits compatible with the CCD equipped 2021 Ford F150 4WD models, there is a note about it on our site (important notes). Engineering is working on kit variants for additional F150 trim models, that said I don’t have an ETA on when hose variants will be made available.

  • Ben C. says:

    I am getting ready to purchase a 4″ coil over system for my 2021 f150. I think I prefer the Black Rhino stadium wheels in 18×9. Those come with a 12 offset and 5.4″ BS. I am hoping to put some 35×12.5 ridge grapplers on there. I love the look of your model truck shown with the 4″ coil over system and black wheels. Im just checking to see if there would be any issue with the particular offset and backspacing of the wheels I like. thanks!

    • Carter @ BDS Suspension says:

      Hey Ben,
      Thanks for your interest in BDS and congrats on your new ’21 F150. The 4″ C/O system is a great option to correct steering/suspension/driveline geometry, while offering great on road handling and impressive offroad performance. When installing the lift kit, the replacement steering knuckles move the steering mount up to maintain handling, ESC compatibility with the factory steering rack which can limit wheel options, especially for smaller diameter wheels. For 18″ wheels we spec 18×9 with 5″ backspacing to allow sufficient clearance to the tie rod ends mounted into our steering knuckles. If your wheel has 5.4″ backspacing you will likely need about a 1/2″ wheel spacer to achieve that spec.


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