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  1. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    Is there a suspension lift for the 2015 sierra 1500 denali ?

  2. Mike F
    Mike F at | | Reply

    I think the last question was related to the magnetic suspension on the Denali. I was told by my dealer that there is no leveling system available for this suspension at this time. If that is not true I will be ordering this 2″ leveling kit. Please confirm. Thanks!

  3. Michael
    Michael at | | Reply

    +1 on needing leveling kit for 2015 Denali. Didn’t cross my mind that leveling kits for the magnetic suspension would be so difficult to find when I purchased mine last week. Live and learn!

  4. Eric
    Eric at | | Reply

    Is there any word on a lift for the magnetic ride in the Denali? Other manufactures have them out but I would prefer to use BDS

  5. mike amendolare
    mike amendolare at | | Reply

    I have a 2012 sierra denali awd looking to purchase 6 in kit will your work

  6. Randy
    Randy at | | Reply

    2WD only, correct?

  7. Tim
    Tim at | | Reply

    Any update on 2015 sierra 1500 Denali level/lift kits? I’d really like to lift mine.

  8. Clay
    Clay at | | Reply

    For the test Sierra listed with the 6″ lift and 35″ Mickey Thompsons, what ended up being the fender heights (front and back)? Overall height would be nice also. (Trying to fit into a garage.)

  9. Kevin
    Kevin at | | Reply

    What is the price on a 4″ for 2015 Silverado 1500

  10. Doug
    Doug at | | Reply

    Hi! Do y’all have any updates on a 2wd Sierra Denali lift that resolves the magneride issue? Thanks!

  11. kevin
    kevin at | | Reply

    Will the 2inch bds leveling kit fit the z71 model?

  12. SHANE
    SHANE at | | Reply

    When will you be offering a 7-9 inch lifts or 10-12 inch lifts for the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Texas Edition LTZ 4×4??

  13. SHANE
    SHANE at | | Reply

    2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ 4×4 Texas Edition…

  14. Josh
    Josh at | | Reply

    Will this 4″ & 6″ Suspension lift kit for the 2015 GM 1/2-TON 4WD work on a 2015 Chevy suburban LS model?

  15. Mike
    Mike at | | Reply

    2015 magnaride suspension kits available yet ?

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