Murphy’s Law is in effect, but the BDS sponsored race team of Desert Concepts found a way through it. After a nightmare of a week prepping the competition rig and support vehicles, the IFS buggy is mechanically prepped with the body and graphics getting fitted later today before making the short journey out into the desert for King of the Hammers (KOH). Competition starts Friday morning as the competition rigs take to the course to crown this year’s king. Make sure to cheer on JT Stephens and Bryan Grigsby in car #4454. If you’re out in the desert, make sure to stop by ORW’s tent and say hi to BDS Rep Jason Shellhaas.

Check out this month’s issue (March 2012) of Diesel World Magazine for SEMA coverage and featured trucks like Fusion Bumpers’ blacked out 2011 Super Duty. Sitting tall on a BDS 8” 4-Link Suspension and 38s this truck with its menacing bumpers was the envy of many. So much so that the magazine gave it a 6-page spread to tell you all about it. Pick up your copy of the March ’12 Diesel World on the newsstand now to ready all about it!

This year Warn brought their ’04 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ out to SEMA. Among all the crazy overbuilt rigs this Jeep is rather modest, but still built to handle the offroad terrain the world over.  Running a BDS custom 6.5” long arm suspension and Fox 2.0 Shocks, this Jeep has plenty of room to clear 38×14.50 BFG Mud Terrain KM2 tires mounted on 17” Raceline Beadlocks. An AEV highline hood and fender kit, 4.56 gears and an ARB air locker in front, Detroit locker in the rear. The rig is well equipped with a plethora of Warn goodies from the winch and lights, to the bumpers, rock sliders, skidplates and air compressor. A great looking Jeep and capable trail rig.

Chase Rather of CM Racing has been racing the #3747 XJ for several years in various JeepSpeed and Best in the Desert Races. Running on a BDS long arm kit the Jeep Cherokee has had it’s share of glory over the years. Following a recent competition the rig was put to the test and sad to say finally met it’s match. Here’s his recap of the XJ’s final race.

At this year’s Best in the Desert Bluewater Desert Challenge, CM Racing came out looking to make a statement. We had put in weeks of preparation adjusting shocks, plumbing lines, and meticulously ensuring the 3747 Jeep was ready to run hard for front of the pack. Saturday October 15th at 6:15am, with Chase Rather driving and Britt Wolf co-driving, CM Racing left the line side by side with the leader. We set a fast pace and hung with the 3799 Jeep from the beginning. He seemed to be pushing harder than he wanted to run between mile marker 13 and 14 we made the pass to find ourselves in first place. After finding the lead we felt comfortable maintaining this fast pace and quickly put time between us. However at mile 20, a sandy whoop section put 3747 end over end once and rolled once more coming to rest. Within 20 minutes we were upright and moving again. We gave the vehicle a once over and headed out. We were reluctant to find that our BDS suspension system held together with any compromise. We continued on knowing well we needed to make up time and found a second place finish for the day without any further trouble. Even after inspection following the race, we only needed to add a quart of oil to go racing the next day.
At 6:15am Sunday October 16th, with Johnny Rather driving and Chase Rather co-driving, 3747 set out for day two of racing. Within the first quarter mile, we found the lead and were making first dust. We held the lead until mile eight when we were passed by an unlimited UTV. Pursuing diligently, we paced the UTV until a silt bed made it impossible to see. Moving to the outside to find clean air, 3747 found a sheer 40 foot cliff. We hurdled off of the cliff making one huge dent in the side head on, and tumbling to the bottom. Awaiting BITD assistance to remove the vehicle, it was approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds until the next vehicle passed.
After removing the vehicle and returning to the pits it was obvious our vehicle was on its last leg. The Jeep suffered from extensive body and frame damage, an engine that failed to start, bent leaf springs, and a front end relocated 3” towards the rear. In the following days we met and discussed our options to continue racing. We came across a V-8 Jeep Grand Cherokee that would be the perfect replacement vehicle…

We’re glad to hear the Chase and co-driver Britt Wolf are okay. As with all our suspension products, use and abuse them, BDS has you covered. All BDS Suspension products are subject to replacement under the No Fine Print Lifetime Warranty.

BDS 6” lift install in Four Wheeler Magazine

So we mentioned it last month, but if you haven’t had a chance to pick up your copy of the September 2011 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine now you can check it out without leaving your internet capable devices.Catch up on the latest tech as Ken Brubaker and the crew from Attitude Performance take you through the install and shakedown of BDS’s  6” Lift Kit on the new 2009-2011 Ford F150 4WD complete with install photos. Check it out!

Ben Parker sent us some photos of his two storm chasing trucks out searching for the tornado activity that has devastated so much of the country this year already. For chase vehicles, Ben uses his Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon dubbed the Rescue Rubicon which features a plethora of upgrades including a BDS 6.5” Long Arm Suspension Lift Kit and 37” MT/Rs. In addition to the JK, Ben also chases in his Dodge Ram 2500 featuring a BDS 6” Long Arm Suspension Lift Kit and 37’s as well. This past Spring we met up with Ben in Moab and snapped some shots of this awesome JK out on the trails. Good luck chasing Ben, be safe, and have fun out there on the trails.