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Adjustable Track Bar


1987-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ

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Jeep XJ Belly Pan
Jeep XJ Adjustable Track Bar
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1987-2001 Jeep XJ AdJustable Track Bar

Coldwater, MI—July 16, 2012—From the ever expanding line up of lift kits and accessories, BDS Suspension now offers a heavy duty adjustable front track bar system to properly center the front axle on ’84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJs with 6-9″ of lift.

This system includes new solid steel track bar, heavy duty dual shear frame mount bracket, new axle support bracket with integrated steering stabilizer mount, and all necessary hardware.

The new track bar itself in constructed from 1-1/8″ solid steel with 1″-14 male threads for fine adjustments and a rebuildable flex end for strength and durability. This system must be installed in conjunction with a drop pitman arm.

For more info on this XJ Adjustable Track Bar and other Jeep products, check out BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

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124322, 124323 & 124324


1.5″ Transfer Case Drop Kits


1987-1995Jeep YJ Wrangler
1997-2006 Jeep TJ Wrangler

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Jeep YJ Transfer Case Drop Kit

#124322 – YJ 1.5″ T-Case Drop Kit
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Jeep 97-02 TJ Transfer Case Drop Kit

#124322 – 97-02 TJ
1.5″ T-Case Drop Kit
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Jeep 03-06 TJ Transfer Case Drop Kit

#124322 – 03-06 TJ
1.5″ T-Case Drop Kit
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YJ/TJ Transfer Case Drop Kits

Coldwater, MI—June 22, 2012— BDS Suspension is now offering one-piece tube style 1.5″ transfer-case drop kits to work fit lifted Jeep Wrangler YJ and Wrangler TJ models. These new Made in the USA kits utilize 1-piece steel tube drop spacers at each frame rail to drop the t-case 1.5″ to reposition the transfer case output shaft on lifted applications. The tubes are e-coated black and include all the necessary hardware for install. Plastic end caps are provided to keep dirt/mud out of the tubes and give a nice finished look. These new transfer case drops are included on application BDS suspension lifts or available for purchase individually.

For more info on these and other BDS Suspension products, check out BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

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1500H & 1501H


8 inch 4-Link Suspension Lift Kit


2011-2012 Ford F250/F350 4WD

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Ford SD 8: 4-Link Lift Kit

8″ 4-Link Lift Kit
Hi–res image: fk_1500H_1501H.jpg

2011 Ford Super Duty4wd
Hi–res image: ford_f250_11k_8-4l.jpg

2011 Ford Super Duty4wd
Hi–res image: ford_f250_11k_8-4l_a.jpg

2011 Ford Super Duty4wd
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11-12 Super Duty w/ 8″ 4-Link Lift Kit

  • 4-Link design replaces radius arms
  • Newly redesigned leaf springs
  • Complete suspension lift kit

Coldwater, MI—June 11, 2012—Now in stock and ready for sale: Complete 8″ BDS 4-Link suspension systems for the 2011-2012 Ford Super Duty 4wd.  This new kit shares all the great features and benefits of our popular 2005-2010 8″ suspension systems.

The heart of the lift is the 4-link design that replaces the factory radius arms. The 4-link arms provide better strength as well as limits caster change to less than 1 degree through the 10” of wheel travel. This results in better handling and ride over radius arm setups at the same height. The rear lift uses our newly redesigned 003829 leaf springs that provide a great ride while still having the payload capacity you need from your F250/350 truck.

As with the rest of the 8″ 4-link kits available, brake lines, steering/track bar correction, full-length diesel/gas-specific coil springs, sway bar and bump stop relocation are included. The standard system includes BDS-5500 series shocks or you can upgrade to the available Fox 2.0 shocks. Dual shock mounts and dual steering stabilizer kits make great accessories to help handle the 38×15.50 tires that a this lift kit clears.

For more info on this Super Duty lift kit and to find the distributor nearest you, check out BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

Truckmaster Distributing, home of BDS Suspension, Zone Offroad Products, 4×4 Posi-Lok and numerous other quality 4×4 product lines is in the process of moving into their new biggerdigs. Here’s what Truckmaster’s President, Steve Olmstead had to say:

Truckmaster Distributing continues to add new products and new product lines to better serve our customers. Over the past several years we have seen our business explode to the point we cannot hire one more associate nor put in any more inventory simply because we’ve run out of space. On the one hand this can be viewed as a really positive thing. But when our business has been built on shipping the same day and never being out, lack of space has begun to affect our core principles.

The solution… buy a bigger building, and we did! The new facility is still located in Coldwater, MI and is nearly double the size of our current facilities. The new 70,000+ sq. ft. facility will give us the ability to  move administrative, sales, marketing, engineering, production, warehousing and shipping under one roof in the future. We plan to make the trasition without a lapse in service. We appreciate your patience as we begin the move and we look forward to being able to better serve our customers in the near future.

-Steve Olmstead


Jeep Track Bar Flex End Bushing Kit

#074113 – view online

Coldwater, MI—April 25, 2012— BDS now offers a track bar rebuild kit for BDS track bar ball stud ends on ZJ, XJ, and TJ models. The kit includes new bushings, washers, and snap rings for a quick and easy rebuild.

For more info on the this bushing kit and distributors near you, check out BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

Jeep Track Bar Flex End Bushing Kit
Jeep Track Bar Flex End Bushing Kit #074113
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2008-2012 Ford Super Duty Dual Shock Hoop

View Shock Hoop  & dual shocks online

Coldwater, MI—April 24, 2012— New to the ever expanding line of premium suspension products, BDS Suspension has released a new dual shock hoop option for the 2008-2012 Ford Super Duty trucks.  Increase shock damping capabilities without sacrificing tire clearance. BDS offers the dual shock setup to work in conjunction with 4-8″  lift kits with your choice of 5500-series hydraulic shocks or the popular Fox 2.0 gas shocks for maximum performance.

Mounting Kit:


Shocks (4 required):

#55759  4″ lift 5500-series shocks
#98224759 4″ lift Fox 2.0  shocks

#55769  6″ lift 5500-series shocks
#98224769 6″ lift Fox 2.0  shocks

#55761 8″ lift5500-series shocks
#98224761 8″ lift Fox 2.0  shocks

For more info on the dual shock hoop upgrade and other Ford suspension options, check out BDS Suspension or call (517) 279-2135.

2008-2012 Ford Super Duty Dual Bracket Kit

2011 F250 w/ Dual Shock Hoop and Fox 2.0s
Hi-res image: ford_123023.jpg

BDS 123023

BDS Dual Shock Hoop Mount
(shocks sold separately)
Hi-res image: acc_123023.jpg