BDS-UA43Ultimate Adventure 2013 Video: Check out BDS Suspension’s video coverage from the 2013 Ultimate Adventure. The 1500 journey covered 4 Southeast states, in a hot, muggy, rainy thrashfest as 25 rigs, a film crew, and 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine took us on the Ultimate 4Wheeling trip.

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With the summer fading fast BDS loaded up the rigs for one last hurrah at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, MI. Holiday weekends are always a blast bring out the masses as trucks, Jeeps, dune buggies, sand rails and other barely legal oddball creations make. Labor Day in particular has a “Go Big or Go Home” mentality with this being the last chance to wheel their rigs before the cooler weather sets in.

BDS made it up for a relaxing weekend with friends and family, days spent on the dunes or at the beach and nights spent around the campfire telling stories. The BDS 1/2-ton Chevy running the BDS 6” Performance System and 35s had no problems soaking up the bumps all weekend with plenty of power on tap to charge the massive dunes. For the BDS KJ, it was it’s first time at the dunes. While the Jeep was built primarily for trail-riding and rocks, it held its own out on the sand. The mighty little diesel put out gobs of torque and the deflated 40s helped the 5000+ lb KJ float on top of the soft sand. The 14” travel Fox 2.5 remote C/Os soaked up terrain and when we launched a few dunes the PRP limiting straps and Fox 2.0 bumps kept the suspension within spec. BDS also had a number  of employees up at the dunes driving their personal rides, some TJs, JKs, an Avalanche, a sand rail and more to enjoy the holiday weekend.

All in all it was a great gathering at the dunes with beautiful weather and great people to spend it with. We chatted with a number of people and had a blast showing off our rides and checking out theirs. Take a look at some of the photos from the holiday weekend at the dunes and to see more of the action, head to the album on the BDS Facebook Fan Page.

BDS-dunes04 BDS-dunes08 BDS-dunes18 BDS-dunes21 IMG_6670 IMG_6986


If ever an eclectic group of 4wheelers was assembled, the Ultimate Adventure (UA) would be it. Racers, rock bouncers, shop owners, and a pair of Canadians were among those chosen to take on this year’s 1500-mile, 8-day, 4-state 4wheeling fest in the Dirty South.

The annual trip gathers roughly 25 rigs for a weeklong 4wheeling road trip around some corner of the country. No trailers allowed on the UA, everyone must carry their own food, spare parts, camping gear, etc

Orchestrated by Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine’s editor-in-chief Rick Pewe, a diverse group of rigs and personalities is assembled ultimately bringing together 6 readers, 12 sponsors, magazine staffers and a film crew for a weeklong off road adventure. Some might say its like herding cats, but the ultimate adventure is just that, each day riddled with wheeling, wrenching, and driving and camping.  This year was particularly challenging as we took on the heat and the “wet” terrain for of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina.

We made the trip out this year in our freshly built and at time temperamental 2005  Jeep Liberty CRD dubbed Project KJ. After a mad dash to the start point, the KJ broken in the right way, getting bashed on rocks, submerged in swamps, and barreling down the highway from location to location. The trip is growling to say the least, from long road days to challenging trails, break downs were common on this year’s trip. From broken axles, blown engine, transmissions, and driveshafts to roll overs, over heating, and plenty of body damage. We had our fair share of breakdowns along the way which included some faulty factory electrical, broken driveline, ring gear bolt that walked its way out and punch a hole in the diff cover and ripped open the ARB air line, electric fan that crapped out, and ultimate a fried ECU that took us out on the last day of the event. Despite the challenges we had a blast on the trip. The Ultimate Adventure is an event we look forward to doing again soon, heck, maybe next year.

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The final 72 hours were a mad rush to get the KJ prepped and ready for the 2013 Ultimate Adventure. Paint, suspension, wiring, body panels and graphics went on in a hurry as the guys began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While the long days, paint fumes and and diesel smoke may of had some bearing on them, the crew persevered to get the Jeep up and running in time for the 1200mile scramble to the startpoint of UA. Here’s a few of the videos shot during the final 72 hours.

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Project KJ: Down to the Wire…

It was a mad rush to the finish. 15-17 hour days in the shop as this vehicle came out of paint to be fully assembled in just 3 short days. In addition to the bolt-on items, the body panels, windshield, interior, and winch getting reinstalled, big items like front and rear bumpers still needed to be fabricated, wiring needed to be sorted out, brake lines and fuel lines routed, skid pates needed to be designed and built, and all the fluids checked before we could fire it up for the first time since its transformation from a grocery getter into a trail rig. To say there was some pressure on the crew building the KJ would be an understatement.
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BDS Project KJ: The last 72 hours

We’re in the home stretch for Project KJ with plenty more that needs to go on for final fitment. After a frustrating 48 hours resolving a no start issue that held up progress the team is scrambling to get this KJ Ultimate Adventure ready. Since our last update, axles have been assembled the rest of the way, bumpers have been fabbed up, the no-start issues have been resolved, body has ben prepped for paint and skid plates have been started. After another long day yesterday the Jeep went into the makeshift paint booth to be shot a color called Anvil. It’s a slate gray color that Jeep used for 2013 on the 10th Anniversary Rubicons along with red/black accents. With paint drying on the top side, the Jeep has been wheeled out into the shop to start being reassembled. It’s a mad rush to the finish (or start) of Ultimate Adventure 2013 and it’s all hands on deck. We’ll be posting photos periodically on our Facebook Page so stay tuned to watch it come together.
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